Welcome to "Saffron Birmingham" - A Culinary Journey With Recipes From the Royal Kitchens of the Maharajas!

Are you ready to embark on a gastronomic adventure like no other and experience the rich tapestry of Indian cuisine?

Dive into a world of spices, where every bite tells a story. From the fiery curries of the North to the fragrant biryanis of the South, Saffron promises an authentic culinary voyage through India’s diverse (or royal) regions. Discover the Magic of Indian Flavors – Saffron, Cardamom, Turmeric, Cumin and Coriander….just to name a few.

Our Master Chefs – Indulge in the expertise of our chefs, masters in the art of Indian cooking. They meticulously craft each dish, infusing their passion, creativity and tradition into every recipe.

A meal at Saffron is truly a journey for your senses.  Inhale the fragrant aromas, savor the explosion of flavors, and feast your eyes on vibrant, colorful dishes.  Step into our elegantly designed restaurant, reminiscent of India’s architectural wonders and immerse yourself in an atmosphere of warm hospitality and artistic décor.

Royal Menu Items
Butter Chicken – A Creamy Delight
Vegetable Biryani – A Symphony of Basmati Rice
Tandoori Platter – Char-Grilled Perfection 
Dosa – Perfectly thin and golden crepe with a symphony of flavors
Chicken Tikka Masala – A velvety curry with a tangy twist
Rogan Josh – Kashmiri Culinary Art
Gulab Jamun – A Sweet Finale

Cocktails & Mocktails
Complement your meal with our innovative beverages. From spicy masala chai to exotic cocktails, our drink menu is as diverse as our cuisine.

Special Events
Host your special occasions with us! Saffron is the perfect venue for birthdays, anniversaries, and corporate gatherings. We also have catering and online delivery options available.  Let us create unforgettable memories together.

Visit Saffron Today in the Terrace at Greystone – 5426 Highway 280 Suite 14, Birmingham AL. 35242

Call for Reservations:  205-438-6209
Hours of Operation: 

LUNCH : Sunday – Saturday: 11 AM – 2:30 PM
DINNER: Monday – Saturday:  5 PM TO 9:00 PM.
Kitchen Closes – Monday – Saturday:  8:45 PM
Kitchen Closes – Sunday 8:30 PM

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Saffron – Where Every Bite is a Celebration of India

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